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About Us

Like many Internet start ups - was conceived over beers at a pub.

What started as a great idea to remove the pain of running the office tipping competition has turned into one of Australia’s largest sporting sites and Australia’s biggest sporting community.

Early Days kicked off in 1999 with a $5,000 investment from part-time entrepreneurs Nathan Isterling and Heath Kilgour. Managing work, university and 56k modems, the business got off to a good start (even if the business didn’t earn any revenue!). Marketing the business involved getting mates to call up businesses asking to speak to the tipping administrator – crude but effective in an era before Google.

Tattersalls Acquisition

When the Tattersalls group was awarded a license to run a pay-to-play tipping competition in 2001 called TipStar, was acquired by the Tattersalls group as a marketing channel to promote their sports tipping product. During this time, remained focused on providing a great free service to people wanting to run their tipping competition.

Buying Back the Business was not a perfect fit for the Tattersall’s group so the original founders bought the business back in 2007. Since that time, a small, clever and passionate team has been continuing the development of the site. is simply committed to providing the very best service for people to run a tipping competition. Members of the site will notice that we’ve added a range of other features in response to requests from our members. Live chat, live scores, SMS tipping, iPhone app, social networking, fantasy, new tipping games, etc, have all contributed to our success.

The Future

You can expect lots of great new things from We’ve seen a big rise in the use of mobile devices and you can expect exciting things appearing on mobile sites and apps. The web has changed significantly over the years and we are committed to staying at the cutting edge.

Ultimately, our future is defined by you - the members that use and love our site. We can’t survive without your support and it’s your feedback that gives us direction on where to take To give your say on where you want to see the site move, give us some feedback.