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Our Footytips Android App is here!

To our Android fans,

Here is some long awaited news:

We thank you for your patience whilst we’ve been locked in the
dungeon furiously building you our first Android App.

footytips app on Samsung Galaxy S3

We are proud to give Footytips Android users a great new app that allows tippers to place tips, check results, view live scores, and compete in your comps right from your handset.

The Footytips Android App will also allow our Android users to place tips for our flexi and streak games too, as well as use our comprehensive form guides for A-League, AFL, NRL and Super Rugby which includes a score-by-score worm.

Never miss your tips again, the Footytips App send notifications right to your Android device reminding you to get your tips in.

We hope you are as excited as we are by this release. As this is our first Footytips Android app we are keen for your feedback, so please let us know if you stumble upon any bugs.

Without further ado, download the Footytips Android App from the Google Play Store and get tipping!

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The Team from Footytips


A-League 2011/12 Tipping Wrap

Congratulations to simply the best who is our overall site winner of the 2011-2012 A-League tipping! simply the best beat 18,350 other tippers to stand alone at the top of the site ladder! simply the best had a score of 74 correct tips and a margin of 52, Well done.

SARAH has topped our A-League Streak ladder with a a longest streak of 11 - well done!

The Flexi tipping comp has been won by friday with a total score of 4,566, beating the 2nd place getter by almost 450 flexi points - good job!

You all know your A-League! Well done and good luck for next season.

Interestingly, the average overall site average score for the A-League this season was 42.4 correct tips for the season. However the females on our site beat out the males in the Battle of the Sexes, with the females scoring an average score of 42.9, to the males 42.3.

Across the pond, New Zealand took out the title of best tippers, having an average of 44.2 correct tips for the season, and Victorian A-League tippers took out the wooden spoon, having an average of 40.8 correct tips for the season.

Thanks for tipping with us this year, and we look forward to bringing A-League tipping, Streak & Flexi to you again for the 2012/13 season!


Setting up custom scoring for your comp

These instructions will assist you in setting up custom scoring for your comp…

Only administrators can enable or edit custom scoring.

If you are not the administrator (or an assistant) you cannot edit or apply custom scores.

If custom scores are enabled, your tippers will see the following button when they go to the competition ladder…

Enabling or Editing Custom Scoring.

This can be done from the two below areas. 



Clicking "Edit Scoring" opens the edit window.

The window looks like this. You will need to scroll down to see all the options. You can then edit any custom scoring options you like.


What happens once enabled?

When custom rules have been enabled, options will be seen like below:

The options do the following:

"Edit Settings" is only shown to administrators to edit the custom scoring settings.

- "Read Rules" explains the custom rules in the competition. All tippers in the comp (admin and members) will see this message.

- "Jokers" or "Set Jokers" will open up a Joker Round window and will either:

- Show which rounds have been set by the administrator as a Joker.

- Allow members to set which rounds they would like to use as their Joker.


How do members edit their Joker rounds again?

If the administrator allows the user to edit joker rounds, then they will see the below button on the ladder. This shows how many Jokers are available to set and how many have been set. In this example, the tipper has 5 out of 5 Joker rounds remaining.

When users click the button, they will be able to select the rounds they wish to set as Joker in the window that pops up. Remember, Joker rounds can be set any time and edited at any time (provided the round has not started).

What happens once custom scoring is enabled?

Once the competition is enabled, the ladder will be highlighted in various colours and icons to explain adjustments to the results such as below.


A tipping revolution has begun. Custom rules & bonus point features now available on


A Tipping Revolution has begun!


All tipping comps now have the option to offer customised rules and bonus points. Tipping may never be the same again!


New features include...

- Custom missed tip scores.

- Bonus points for perfect tipping.

- Double points in Joker rounds.

- Ladder rankings without margins.


Missed Tip Scores

If you're frustrated that comp members who don't enter tips occasionally score higher than those who do, we hear you!


Choose a scoring system for people who miss their tips:


- Footytips' standard no tips score is still the default option.

- Zero points for missed tips.

- Away teams - X.

- Lowest round score + or - X.

- Average round score + or - X.


Where X equals any value you want.


Tip a perfect round, get a bonus

Do you want to reward tippers that tip a perfect round? Tippers that tip a perfect round can be allocated between 1 and 5 bonus points to their round score.


This feature is optional for the finals if your comp offers finals.


Double your score in Joker rounds

Joker rounds are a great way for tippers who have fallen behind to catch up or front runners to move ahead.


In a Joker round a comp member's score is doubled. There can be between 1 & 5 Joker rounds in any season.


There are two options for Joker rounds:

1. Tippers can choose which rounds to play a Joker, or...

2. The comp administrator can pre-set Joker rounds.


Rank comp ladders without margin

If you would like multiple users to share the same ranking on your comp ladder, we have added a feature to remove the margin from the ladder.


This potentially means that 2 tippers on the same score could share 1st place at the end of the season.


How do I add them?

If you like the sound of these and want them in your competition, here's what you need to do:


- Regular tippers need to ask their administrator to include them.

- Administrator's can add these features to any existing comp via:
Settings > Ladders & Scoring.


If you don't want them, they're entirely optional and won't apply to your comp unless you or your administrator adds them.


Read our detailed blog post to learn more about using custom scoring.

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Custom Missed Tips Scores

This year we’re excited to introduce a suite of personalisations for your tipping competition. Read on to learn how they can help make your comp better.

We are planning to put these updates live this week and if you already run a competition, you'll be able to add custom scoring features.

Missed tip scores

If you’re frustrated that comp members who miss their tips get higher scores than those who enter them on time, we hear you!

In 2012 we’re helping you choose the right score for people miss their tips.

Classic no tips score

The classic system will be used automatically unless you choose otherwise. Comp members who miss their tips are awarded the away teams up to a maximum score.
For AFL & NRL the maximum is 5, but it varies for other sports.

Zero points

Receive a score of zero for any missed tips.

Away teams - X

Comp members who miss their tips are awarded the away teams minus a modifier (between -1 and -10).

Average score + or - X

Comp members who miss their tips are awarded the average comp round score plus or minus a modifier (between +2 and -10).
Comp members will never receive a score of less than zero.

Lowest score + or - X

Comp members who miss their tips are awarded the average comp round score plus or minus a modifier (between +2 and -10).
Comp members will never receive a score of less than zero.

More to come!

Stay tuned for more information about Joker Rounds, All Correct Bonuses, and rankings without margins.

We appreciate your feedback so please leave a comment below!